About Us

Brainfall.com was created in 2007. At the time of its March 2007 launch, a handful of quizzes were available and the results were easily shared on Facebook. At that time, Brainfall.com was one of the first, if not the first external web site dedicated to feeding content into Facebook - an industry which had long since matured with other social networking sites. Since the launch, we have continued adding and updating personality quizzes to make sure the site always has something new to offer. When the Facebook Development Platform was released in the last days of May 2007, Brainfall.com created the Brainfall.com Quiz Results application which allows users to permanently store their quiz results on their Facebook profiles.

Since then, we at Brainfall.com have continued increasing what we have to offer by improving our designs and features, and also adding new quizzes and features, like Brainfall Video, which was launched in July 2007. As you read this, we're probably working on about a dozen new features, extensions to existing features, and new quizzes, many of which are based on the tons of feedback we receive from our users. If you're still not satisfied, check out our F.A.Q. or feel free to contact us.

For business inquiries, contact us at business@brainfall.com. Make sure to put "Brainfall" somewhere in the subject line.

For comments and feedback, use our feedback form or contact us at feedback@brainfall.com. Make sure to put "Brainfall" somewhere in the subject line.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What does brainfall mean? Why did you choose it? Honestly? Not a lot. One of the founders owned the domain name already so we used it as sort of a working title. When the site was ready to launch, nobody had come up with anything better, so we kept it. It works... right?

What's the difference between "Sharing" a result on Facebook and "Adding" it to my profile? That's a common question, and we're working on clarifying it. Basically, though, "Sharing" a result on Facebook will put the quiz result, image, and description (as much as will fit) onto your mini-feed, and into your "Posted Items." Most of your friends will see on their news feeds that "Your Name has posted a link. If I were in ____, I would be _____."

"Adding" a result to your profile, meanwhile, is much cooler! When you click to "Add" a result to your profile, first you will be asked to login to Facebook. After logging in, you will be taken your personal Brainfall.com Quiz Results page (Facebook may ask you for permission first), which stores all the quiz results you "Add" and lets you customize how they're displayed on your profile (with or without descriptions). If it's your first time "Adding" a result, make sure to click the "Add to profile" button on this page to put the results on your profile. You can also remove quiz results entirely, or "hide" them so they're not visible on your profile. Here you can also see which of your friends have saved quiz results of their own. You can always access this page by either clicking the "Brainfall.com Quiz Results" link under "Application" on the left-hand menu in Facebook, or by visiting apps.brainfall.com.

Can I suggest a quiz idea or feature? Of course! That's what most of our feedback is... Click here to leave feedback. We try to respond to everything, but sometimes it can take a few days if we're busy working on something.

________'s broken! Fix it! First of all, that's not really a question, but I'll respond anyway. It's definitely possible that something's not working, and if that's the case, we certainly want to know about it. Click here to leave feedback.

I sent you feedback and never got a response! Hmmm, this is embarassing. We try to reply to all the feedback we get, even though it takes a lot of our time. The way we see it, if you took the time to write to us, we can take the time to respond. Unfortunately, though, if you sent us feedback at some point before June 22nd 2007 and never got a response, there's a good chance we never received it. Why? Well, our spam filter was a little bit... aggressive. If you're still waiting for an answer, please write to us again by clicking here. Our apologies for any inconveniences this has caused. We were quite heartbroken when we learned what happened.

Who writes your quizzes? Well, since the launch of Brainfall.com, the co-founders have collaborated with eachother and with their respective friends, roommates, and girlfriends to write the quizzes. Recently, we have also brought on a few contributors who help us to write some of the quizzes on the site.

How can I advertise on your site or sponsor a quiz? Contact us at business@brainfall.com. Make sure to put "Brainfall" somewhere in the subject line. We'll get back to you with details.