How Awesome Is Your Husband?

How Awesome Is Your Husband?
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BrainFall Staff
A healthy marriage isn't always about being awesome, but it certainly can't hurt! How does your husband stack up? Take the quiz to find out!

Your Friend's Quiz Result:
Your husband is 72% Awesome.

Your Friend's Quiz Result

Your husband is 72% Awesome. Hey, your man may not be perfect, but he's putting in a good effort!

1.   Does your husband still take you out on dates?
2.   Does your husband help out around the house?
3.   Does your husband know how to say "I'm sorry?"
4.   On vacation, you and your husband are looking for a restaurant in an unfamiliar neighborhood when you both suddenly realize you’ve been walking in circles. Your husband…
5.   Does your husband satisfy your needs in bed?
6.   Does your husband help you pick out clothes/shoes while shopping, or would he rather be ANYWHERE else besides the mall?
7.   You and your husband dress up for a night on the town. One of your heels breaks on the sidewalk as you are walking arm and arm. Your husband…
8.   Does your husband ever cook for you?
9.   You’ve been having one of those terrible days where everything goes wrong. When you finally see your husband in the evening, he…
10.   You're feeling kinda sore and ask your hubby for a back rub. In return you get....