How Crazy Are You?

How Crazy Are You?
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BrainFall Staff
Do you sometimes feel as though you're losing your mind? Don't worry! Crazy people are the BEST people... Take our quiz to see how you rate!

Your Friend's Quiz Result:
You are 25% crazy. That makes you Quite Rational! Read More...

Your Friend's Quiz Result

You are 25% crazy. That makes you Quite Rational! You are a pillar of sanity in a world gone mad. That's good, very good. But pillars never really have much fun, do they?

1.   Crazy people sure do like talking to themselves. What about you? Do you ever talk to yourself?

2.   They also talk to their pets. Do you enjoy long-winded, one-sided conversations with Fido and Mr. Kitteh?
3.   You’re hungry, but when you check the fridge you see there is nothing to eat. What happens next?
4.   Crazy people are known to dress eccentrically, sometimes by choice and other times by chance. What’s your approach to dressing?
5.   You spot a few pieces of old, broken down furniture on the side of the road. How do you feel?
6.   Crazy people live with their head in the clouds. Do you ever forget what you’re saying in the middle of saying it?
7.   Ever feel your phone vibrating in your pocket/purse, excitedly whip it out, and then discover that you imagined the whole thing?
8.   Do you sometimes catch yourself offering unsolicited advice to complete strangers?
9.   Time to take a shower! What’s the first order of business?
10.   Speaking of ghosts, have you ever seen one?