How Florida Are You?

How Florida Are You?
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BrainFall Staff
Are you a true native of the Sunshine State? Take this quiz to find out how Florida you really are!

Your Friend's Quiz Result:
You are 100% Florida.

Your Friend's Quiz Result

You are 100% Florida. You are so Florida you could eat a man’s face. We will keep an eye out for you on the news.

1.   Which is your favorite Publix sub?
2.   At a Marlins or Rays game, you root for...
3.   True or False: You have once been burned by the metallic part of a seatbelt.
4.   How would you describe the weather on a perfect day?
5.   Finish this sentence: People over the age of 80 living in Florida are...
6.   Which school do you root for?
7.   Finish this sentence: "I’m going to Disney World and Universal this weekend because..."
8.   What best describes this place?
9.   How cold is too cold to wear flip-flops?
10.   Which is your favorite fast food restaurant?