What Beer Are You?

What Beer Are You?
Question 1 of 12
BrainFall Staff
1.   It's Wednesday night, and you don't want to do any work. You...
2.   It's Thursday morning, and you still don't want to do any work! You...
3.   You go to a party with a friend, but when you offer her a drink, she says she's not really into drinking. You think...
4.   Your dream job is primarily...
5.   If you could co-star in a movie, who would you want the star to be?
6.   Your whole wardrobe burns in a fire, and you only have one sweatsuit to wear for a year! What color would you want it to be?
7.   The DJ for your funeral lost all his CDs, and he only has four songs left! Which of these songs do you want played as your casket is lowered?
8.   You are given a book deal to write whatever you like! Your genre of choice is...
9.   Your friends are going on a picnic. What shoes do you throw on?
10.   How often do you shower?
11.   Which of these words do you use most often?
12.   How many beers do you usually drink when you go out?