What Kind of Girl Will You Fall For?

What Kind of Girl Will You Fall For?
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BrainFall Staff
1.   When you offer to buy a girl a drink, you get her...
2.   What do you first look for when fishing for a new girl?
3.   Where would you go on a first date with your dream girl?
4.   Which celebrity is closest to your ideal girlfriend?
5.   How would you explain your ideal girlfriend to the guys?
6.   Assuming you had more than enough money, what kind of car would you purchase for your ideal girlfriend?
7.   What kind of underwear would be most appealing to you?
8.   Which scenario would make you feel like an accomplished boyfriend?
9.   When you do something "sweet" for your girlfriend you automatically assume...
10.   When dancing you like to...
11.   Your break-ups are usually a result of...
12.   For her birthday, you get her...