What Should You Have Done After High School?

What Should You Have Done After High School?
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BrainFall Staff
1.   If you were stranded on a desert island you would...
2.   Which of these games is your favorite?
3.   What is the one thing that can make you attend a club meeting?
4.   How do you make new friends?
5.   What do you hope to get out of college?
6.   Why did you even go to college in the first place?
7.   Which of these books is the most appealing?
8.   I would only pull an all-nighter...
9.   What's your dream job?
10.   Screw homework! I'd rather...
11.   What are you doing 5 hours before a Friday midterm?
12.   What's the best way to do a project?
13.   How do you manage a rainy day?
14.   What is one talent that you're most proud of?
15.   When bored by lecture, what do you find yourself thinking about?