Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

Which Harry Potter Character Are You?
Question 1 of 10
BrainFall Staff
Answer these 10 questions to find out once and for all, are you Harry, Ron, Hermione? Or are you actually Draco Malfoy?
1.   When planning a trip, you are the one who...
2.   Your friends keep changing/buying fancy phones every week. You use
3.   Of which of the following are you most afraid?
4.   What was your favorite toy as a kid?
5.   In class, you are...
6.   Which of the following animals is your favorite?
7.   What decade were you born in?
8.   What do you do when someone flirts with you?
9.   What's playing on your iPod?
10.   What do you consider to be your best quality?