Which Pokemon Character Are You?

Which Pokemon Character Are You?
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BrainFall Staff
1.   When a friend is in trouble you
2.   When Ty Beanie Babies were totally trendy you
3.   OMG! Your favorite band is reuniting! They are giving away tickets at a local radio station to the person who does the craziest thing. You
4.   You are having a heated disagreement with someone. What do you do?
5.   Something you typically do is
6.   You are playing in an on-line poker match and you lose. You
7.   At a party the person you would be drawn towards the most would be
8.   McDonalds is giving away collector Batman cards with their Happy Meal. You
9.   You overhear someone saying they think you are a living joke. You
10.   You have a huge project to finish, but your neighbor will not take the hint and leave. You
11.   Something you disagree with, and would even consider protesting against is
12.   Your friend drops a water balloon on you at the cottage. You