Which South Park Character Are You?

Which South Park Character Are You?
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BrainFall Staff
1.   One of your friends shows up at a party drunk with a girl that isn't easy to look at. You
2.   You get extremely ticked off when someone makes a comment about your
3.   In school when there were a bunch of kids ganging up on someone you
4.   Fifty bucks accidentally drops out of your friends wallet when he's buying a round of drinks, but he doesn't notice. You
5.   You express yourself by
6.   You go to see a movie and there's some kid horsing around in front of the screen. You
7.   Your best friend just told you he's moving out-of-state. You
8.   Your brother's girlfriend is hot. Really hot. You
9.   The movies you like are
10.   It's Saturday night. You
11.   Your friends want to go cliff jumping. You
12.   At the end of the day you usually feel