Which Transformer Are You?

Which Transformer Are You?
Question 1 of 12
BrainFall Staff
1.   Something you could not live without is
2.   The section of the newspaper you read first is
3.   You've just discovered one of your co-workers is cheating on his girlfriend. You
4.   Your main contact with wildlife is
5.   You have a major test on Monday and need to get an A to pass the class, but a friend from out of town shows up unexpectedly. You
6.   Your friend surprises you with a huge party for your birthday. You
7.   Your friend accidentally leaves his email open on your computer. You
8.   Your boss wants you to spy on the competition. You
9.   When someone betrays you
10.   Your car is getting a new paint job. You pick
11.   Something you would NEVER be caught doing is
12.   When you have a cool idea you